Booty Pop Side Effects

Are There Any Booty Pop Side Effects?

In this day and age, a bigger booty is more attractive. It has become the new standard of beauty. So who wouldn’t want some enhancement without having to go under the knife?

This is what Booty Pop is formulated for. It comes in the form of a cream that you apply on your booty liberally and on a regular basis. You might not exactly be at J.Lo status after a couple of times of use but Booty Pop promises a major enhancement of your behind when applied as instructed. However, surely there must be some Booty Pop side effects, right?

Side Effects of Booty Pop

It is topical so what can go wrong? You can never be sure of the long-term negative effects of an innocent topical cream on your body. This is because of long time and constant use on the surface of you skin.

What Are the Booty Pop Side Effects?

Here are some insights which can help you choose between settling for outer aesthetic improvement or maintaining a healthy skin and body.

The product’s more evident side effects are a range of mild skin irritations.

One of the most common Booty Pop side effects of application is itching. It may occur instantly after use or after a couple of days of application as your skin slowly yet negatively reacts to the product.

There is also the chance you will develop skin allergies, redness of the skin, unusual rashes or even swelling. However, this is not the kind of swelling you wish for your booty.

Continuous use of Booty Pop may cause your sensitive skin to dry and be flaky. Bear in mind, Booty Pop only comes in one kind. The brand does not manufacture a variety of sorts which considers the various skin types of the consumers. So you have no selection to pick from if your skin type has certain requirements to match its sensitivity or level of hydration.

Overuse of Enhancement Cream

Too much application of this topical cream, butt enhancers definitely included, can cause formation of pimples and on your butt. Which will feel strange and very uncomfortable.

Another one of the possible Booty Pop side effects is to make your skin overly sensitive to sunlight which alters the natural pigmentation process of your skin. This will then lead to sunburn and blisters, and also discoloration.

What are Booty Pop Side Effects

If Booty Pop proves to not suit your skin type, some of its ingredients can be severely irritating to your skin.

An ample curve of the rear is not worth the pain and irritation of these side effects. What is not good is the chemicals you consume through with most other butt enhancement creams. Would you believe that some chemicals found in beauty enhancing creams can even affect your liver?

Just because the product is for external application, it does not mean your insides are safe from negative side effects. Remember, you are covered in pores that absorbs whatever beauty gel you apply on your skin. So if you’re deciding between multiple creams Booty Pop is still recommended over others due to its natural ingredients.

If you really want to give this enhancement cream a try, it is recommended to test it on a small area of your skin. Better yet, talk to a dermatologist and ask for advice before using the product.