The Best Exercise for Glutes and Your Booty

Exercising at the Gym to Increase Your Glutes

Tone Your Glutes With These Easy Exercises

Do you want to get naturally toned and shapelier glutes?

Toned legs and glutes add emphasis to a good body figure. You may have wanted to get a bigger and toner bum. You are not ready to shell out money for surgeries and enhancement creams, and going to them gym may prove to be a hassle for you.

If you want to have bigger and fuller glutes but are not ready to spend an arm and a leg, then check out this guide on the best exercise for glutes?

You don’t need to use gym equipment to get your bum toned. Here is a list of some of best exercises for your glutes at home or outdoors which can help you tone your legs and glute muscles.

1. Stair Climbing

Possibly the best glute exercise is to start making it a habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevators. Climb the stairs to work out your legs and glute muscles as you burn excess calories.

2. Uphill Running

Some consider running the best glute exercise. Uphill running targets the burning of calories in your hamstrings and glutes. Get a weekend outdoors exercising by uphill running.

3. Swimming

Swimming strengthens your legs as you pedal through the waters while burning off calories. Grab your bathing suit and get a leg strengthening workout as you enjoy the waters of the pool.

4. Lunges

Exercising to Increase Your GlutesOne of the best exercise for glutes that you can do anywhere is lunges. Do regular and back lunges for your hamstrings and gluteal muscles, and side lunges for inner and outer thighs.

5. Squats

Squats focus on working out the muscles in the frontal part of your thighs called the quadriceps. Your glutes and hamstring muscles act as a stabilizer to your quadriceps as you do squats for balanced and toned legs.

6. Standing Back Kicks

Back kick movements help work out your gluteal and hamstring muscles. To do this, stand on your foot, and kick the other foot in the back with a straight leg perpendicular to the floor. You can also bend your knee so your leg slopes in an upward direction.

7. Lying Leg Lifts

One of the bum exercises that you can do at home, too, is the lying leg lifts. To do this, lie on your back, and start lifting one leg upward and then put it down. Do this repeatedly until you feel the burn in your lower appendages. If it is your first time doing it and you find it difficult, you can also start by lifting one of your legs upward, putting it down as you lift the other leg. Do it with alternate legs in a number of repetitions.

8. Lying Leg Curl

Leg curl focuses on working your hamstring muscles. To do this, lie on your stomach, then slowly bend your knees to your butt. Put your feet slowly back to the ground, and do more repetitions. It would be more effective if you put a dumbell between your feet to add some weights.


Get toner, shapelier legs and glutes without having to go to the gym or spend big bucks for creams and surgery. With some discipline and sacrifice, you can have them toned in a natural and healthy way with the best glute exercise you can do at home or outdoor.

Booty Pop: Results for A Fuller Booty

Butt Enhancement Cream Used by Celebrities

A Big Butt Is the New Sexy

A big butt enhances the body figure of a woman. It gives more confidence and self-esteem being able to wear anything without getting conscious about whether your bottom looks flat.

Stop being conscious about it. Using butt enhancement creams can help improve the shape and the cellulite on your butt and thighs. If you want a thicker fuller bottom, check out Booty pop: results. This topical cream is used by some of the industries leading booty experts. We want to talk about some ways to make your butt look fuller with natural remedies and then discuss Booty pop: results.

Ways To Get Bigger Butt

1. Fashion

There fashionable apparel that makes your bum seemingly look bigger.
Pick up the right pants and skirts to make your booty pop. Boot cut or flared jeans give you an illusion of a bigger butt. For a more contemporary look, go for a cropped skinny capris and pair it with heels.

Wearing heels makes you naturally tilt your waist forward and give more emphasis on your bum. If you pair it with a bandage-style stretch skirt, the more it emphasizes shape to the butt.

Butt Enhancement Cream to Increase FullnessPadded pants can also help. These pants have removable butt pads that give more volume to your bum.

2. Exercise

Some women opt for the hard way, but it can be worth it to discipline yourself with exercising. Workouts can naturally help enhance your bum and make it appear fuller. Some of the workout programs include doing squats, deadlifts, lunges and leg raises. Research your program or get a gym coach to help you with the exercises that are especially for enhancing your butt.

3. Diet

Whether protein, fats, or carbohydrates, there are foods that help enhance your butt naturally. Protein rich foods that help include eggs, salmon, tuna, protein powder, steak, beans, soy nuts, to name a few.

Also, foods rich in carbohydrates help with the enhancement of your bum. These include but are not limited to brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, and low-sugar breakfast cereals. On the other hand, fish oils, virgin olive oil, and nuts are healthy fat sources that improve your butt. For vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and other dark green colored vegetables help.

So don’t forget to add these kinds of food into your daily diet plan.

4. Treatments

If you got the bucks to get the ideal butt instantly, then you can try surgical treatments to see the results in an instant.

In a body jet surgery, the beauty surgeon carries out a liposuction on your stomach, hips, and thighs, and the fats from these parts are injected to your butt.

You can also get silicone butt implants, where silicone are implanted beneath your butt muscles. Though these give you instant results, surgeries are pretty expensive and risky, since they may cause infections.

5. Butt Enhancement Creams

There are also butt enhancement creams in the market today. One of the most effective creams is Boot Pop. Booty pop: results include giving you a bigger and firmer butt. It is infused with green tea, soy protein, vitamin E, and macadamia seed oil which all contribute to having a naturally big and shapely bum. This will remove the marks that are signs of aging and at the same time making your butt muscles stay firm. It does this by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase the release of hormones responsible for giving volume to your butt.


With butt enhancement creams you can increase the volume of your butt. So stop your worries about having a small bum and use an enhancement cream. Decide which ways you can use to get your ideal bum.

Do Squats Really Help ? MUST Read!

Getting a bigger butt needs a lot of hard work. This is because ladies need to spend significant time doing challenging exercises that are meant to make the butt tighter, firmer, bigger and stronger. The amount of time needed varies depending on several factors such as frequency of going to the gym, diet and the genetic make-up of an individual. Participating in a lot of cardio is generally good for the heart but will not really help in growing a bigger butt. This is why it is important to focus efforts on exercises that are effective in increasing the size of your butt such as doing squats.

do squats help
Do squats really help?
Whether or not squats really help with regard to growing a bigger butt really depends on the starting point. If an individual is quite lean and has little body fat, squats can help them to build a butt that is round and shapely. With squats it is possible to build a shapely butt regardless of whether you were born with one or not. However, the extent to which the butt will grow bigger will depend on the consistency, routines carried out, genetics, intensity and diet.

Most people squat with terrible form and also fail to go low enough resulting in the glutes and hips not being engaged. Ultimately, this is what results in the thighs having muscular imbalances and the vatus lateralis being overdeveloped.

It is only by having the correct squat form that your butt can benefit from the exercise as expected. You should stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. This is because a wider stance works the glutes less and the inner thighs more. You should slowly bend the knees in order to lower the body. The goal of a proper squat form is usually to have the thighs and the floor parallel to each other. The lower a squat is, the more the glutes tend to be engaged. While at the low position, you should pause for 2-3 seconds before pressing the heels to raise yourself back to a standing position.

Weights are used when doing squats so as to provide extra resistance and therefore achieve faster and better results but their use is to squat

Muscles that have been heavily worked require some time to heal and repair themselves in between workouts. This means that if you are sore as a result of doing squats then you should wait until both the thighs and butt have stopped being sore.

Significant changes will take consistency and time as earlier mentioned but some differences should be noticed within the first two to three weeks of doing squats properly.

Shallow squats with clean form tend to be safer and more effective compared to low squats that are difficult to control. Form and safety should always be more important rather than complying to the arbitrary one-size-fits all rule. An individual should concentrate on their form as well as to what extent their balance and coordination permits them to take the squat lower.

Number of reps
Quality over quantity is important in squats just like it is in all exercises if effectiveness is being sought. A few weighted squats are better compared to numerous repetitions of just plain squats. Therefore, try doing few weighted squats rather than hundreds of squats.

Muscles that squats work
Squats basically work one’s glutes/butt and quadriceps and hamstrings (thighs). However, it should be noted that obliques, abs, calves, lower back as well as the ankle complex each plays a supportive role.

How it works
It is obvious that nobody would like to perform endless repetitions of the basic up-and-down squats that most people are accustomed to. This is not to say that they do not exercise every muscle in the body if done correctly. However, it should be realized that getting real results lies in switching up squats. The following are some squat exercises that can be incorporated into your daily exercise regimen:

Basic squat
This should be commenced in a standing position with hands clasped in front of the chest, feet shoulder-width apart and the elbows should be in a slightly bent position. The abs should be braced, hips pushed back and the knees bent while lowering the body into a squat. Two to three sets should be performed with each set having fifteen to twenty reps.

Jack to squat
Start this exercise while standing with your feet hip-width apart, arms bent and clasped at your chest. You should squat until the thighs and the floor are parallel to each other. Jump out and land with your feet wide while staying in the squat position. The lower one is the more challenging this exercise will be. Afterwards, jump back to the start position and that will be equivalent to one rep. Two to three sets should be aimed at with approximately fifteen to twenty reps.

Glute kickback
Commence by standing with legs shoulder-width apart, proceed by sitting back into a squat while maintaining your body weight in your heels and clasping your fists together in front of the chest. The left leg should be lifted behind you while keeping the hips square. Afterwards return to the squat position and do the same with the right leg which is one rep. 2-3 sets is the target with 15-20 reps.

Squat to burpee
Start this exercise in a squat, the hands clasped in front of the body and with feet shoulder-width apart. The squat position should be maintained and the hands placed on the floor while leaning forward. Afterwards jump back to a plank position. The legs should be jumped back into a squat position before vigorously jumping as high as possible from the floor with arms overhead extended straight. You should land back in a squat and that will be a rep. Do 2-3 sets with 15-20 reps each.

Other variants of squats include Squat Tuck Jump, Sumo Squat, Reach on Toes Squat, Surrender Squat, Oblique Squat, Jump Squat, Narrow Squat, Pistol Squat, Curtsey Squat, Split Squat, Isometric Squat and Pop Squat.

Master the proper squat form and everything else in your exercise regimen will greatly benefit. Explore all the squat variants, do not be limited to only front squats, back squats, integrated exercises as well as overhead squats. Squats are undoubtedly the ultimate exercise to grow a bigger butt and should be incorporated in the exercise regimen of those who desire a bigger butt. Do squats really help? Now you know the answer.

Butt Exercises at Home

In order to look sexy and fit people usually consider squats as an effective solution but sum it loses its charm as squat alone cannot help in sustaining the tightness of your butt for long. So you will have to do several different butt exercises together with squats to get better results than ever. Some of the butt exercises at home are briefly described here under for your consideration.

Hydrants while extending leg: To begin this exercise you will have to put your knees bent at 90 degrees and wrists on the floor equivalent to the width of your hips and shoulders. Now lift out your right knee to the height of the hips and extend out the lift-up leg to your right side and pause for few seconds before bending back and returning to the original condition. You should repeat it with the other leg. This exercise should be repeated 10-15 times in 2-3 sets.

Glute Bridge with single leg: Begin this exercise by lying on your back with the soles of your feet on the floor and knees bent. Now you should extend one of your legs upward, push your hips towards ceiling to the maximum possible height and squeeze your glutes while exhaling your breath. Then stay there for few seconds before lowering down to put your buts on the floor. It can be repeated similarly with the other leg to complete one round. You can also repeat this exercise without putting your hips on the ground. It should be repeated 10-15 times in one set and 2-3 sets can be done daily to get the best results.

Curtsy lunges: In this exercise you will have to stand with your feet apart to the width of your hips and press your hands together at the level of your chest. Now you have to step your leg diagonally while keeping your hips square and bending both the knees at 90 degree while keeping them behind the toes. Remain in that position for few seconds before returning to the standing position while pressing into your right heel and kick with your left leg into the side by extending it. Such repetitions can be done in 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Rainbows: Begin this exercise while keeping your knees and wrists of the floor at hips and shoulders width apart. Now extend your right leg with pointed toe to reach the foot towards the ceiling. Now tap the floor by lowering your leg slowly. As you lift the leg to the starting position you should squeeze your glutes. Now lower the leg to the left of your kneeled foot. It can be repeated with other leg after returning to the original position to complete a rep. You should do its 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Lifts of Bear Plank Leg: It can be started with your shoulders stacked over your wrists in a plank position while keeping your body straight between your heels and top of your head. Now bend your right knee at 90 degree to bring it towards your butt by lifting your leg. You should squeeze your glutes, raise your right heel towards ceiling to the maximum possible height with a flexed foot. Stay in that position for a while before completing the rep by bringing you right knee back to meet your left knee.

Sumo squat by lifting heel: This exercise can be started by keeping your toes pointed outwards and feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Now lift your left heel and sit on your hips by lowering your butt towards the floor and with full control and balancing your core you should keep your knees behind your toes. Pause there for some time before returning to the standing position by pressing into your right heel to complete the rep.

Sumo squat to calf height: This exercise can be done by keeping your toes pointed slightly outwards and feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Now above the ankles keep your knees chest high parallel to the ground by bending them up to your thighs. Now control yourself to raise your one heel to the maximum possible height without changing your form. Repeat this exercise with other le after releasing the first to the floor, to complete one rep.

Dead lift with single leg: It can be done by standing on your right foot and bending the knee of your left leg in front of you up to hip height. Now you should slowly fold forward while engaging your glutes to towards the ground with both of your hands keeping your left leg extended behind you straight. Stay there for few seconds before returning to the original position and complete the rep with other leg.

Pivoting curtsy lunge: You can do this exercise by keeping your feet apart to hips width and stepping your foot behind you in diagonal in the position of 7 o’clock. Now you should bend your knees to do a lounge. Then pulse up and down 10-15 times while leaning your torso forward at 30 degrees. It should be repeated 2-3 sets of 10-15 times.

Sumo squat: This exercise can be started by keeping your toes pointing forward and feet apart wider than your shoulders. Now you should sit your hips back into squat position by keeping your knees behind your toes. Now turn your toes at 45 degree while pulsing up a few inches and sink into low squat by sinking your hips. Now bring your toes forwards while pulsing up and continue to change your foot positions alternatively while pulsing them.

Chair twist: You can do this butt exercise at home by standing on your feet together. Now push the hips back while bending the knees to stay behind the toes. Now raise the arms up while lowering the thighs in parallel position to the floor. Then rotate your torso sideways while placing your elbows outside towards the other knee. It should be repeated with either arm in 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Choose any of or a few of the above mentioned exercises and do it as per the instructions given. Sooner rather than late, your butt will look much better for sure.

10 Exercised to get Brazilian Butt

Brazilian women have great bodies, and one of the most noticeable toned body parts are their butts. The butt which is anothersteps to get better buttbody muscle is toned in Brazilian women really good, and hence gives them the shapely, healthy and attractive appearance. And now with the simple following of the 10 exercises explained below, you also can be the owner of a nice and toned butt. Flab free, gravity defying butt muscles can be attained when you practice the exercises every alternative day for the best results. Else you may also start light and do them twice a week keeping 2-3 days gap in between. Thus here are the 10 exercises to get Brazilian butt.

1. Donkey kicks

Kneel on the floor. Get on your hands and knees next. Now keeping the core tight you have to raise a leg backwards while you keep the other knee pressed on floor with the leg shaped 90 degrees with the floor. Now try to raise the raised leg as higher as possible. And then gradually lower it. Repeat it again. You need to do 12 reps for on leg. And then you have to switch legs and do another 12.

2. Adductor Squats

Stand with the feet wider than the hip. Straighten the back and hold a dumbbell in between the two legs with both hands. Now you need to squat, for squatting you have to lower the body weight, and get into an imaginary sitting position. Sit till you would have had if there was a chair, and then hold the position for a few seconds. Then get up. Go for 10 reps of this.

3. Glute Bridges

For this exercise you would need a kettle bell. You will have to lie down back straight. Then fold your knees while keeping feet flat on floor, and let the knees bent and get up on the air with support of feet. Now hold the kettle bell or weight on your pelvis with both hands. Now you have to raise the hip as far as possible on the air, and also let the shoulder get off from floor. During this your butt muscles would be squeezed and thrust on top. Now lower the body till the butt just stays above ground. And in this way you repeat it 12 times in a go.

4. Mountain Climber with kettlebell

You will have to get into the push up position first with the ketttlebell on either side. The kettlebell are here to hold the body support as you grip them with either hands. Now holding the hip in line with the body, try to bring one leg as close as possible to the chest. In the effort bend the knee and bring the toe close to that side’s hand. This is one rep. Now switch the legs and do another, and in this way do 10 reps for each leg.

5. Curtsy Lunge

Stand with feet wider than hips. Balance the weight in one foot. Now take a step back with the other foot in a cross the back of the stable foot. In this position your core must be tight, and the knees of both feet must be at 90 degrees. You may or may not use a weight with it. If you do, use a kettlebell for convenience. Do 10 reps of it which makes for 1 set for each foot. With time increase the sets to 4 sets.

6. Side lying leg kicks

Lie on the left side. And then, with the support of your left elbow, raise the body. You will be in a half lying position. Now raise the right leg till it’s up to the hip height. Now exhale and simultaneously kick the leg in front. And then inhale, and bring back the leg to original position. Repeat this with 10 reps for each side of the body.

7. Lunge and Press

Stand with feet wider than hips. Now get into a lunge position. For this extend a leg in front into a wide step. Hold the foot flat on the floor while the thigh is in 90 degrees to the body. But don’t incline forth to bring knee above the toe. Now with the same side hand, lift the weight or kettlebell above your head, and let the weight press on the body. Do this carefully as you exhale out while lifting the weight. Then inhale and bring down the weight up to the hip again. Repeat this with the other leg, and keep switching sides. Do 10 reps for each leg.

8. Sumo squat with kettlebell

Stand with feet as wide as possible. Now hold the kettlebell in between the feet with both hands. Keep the back straight and the core tight. The feet should be placed in 45 degrees to the body. Now lower the weight towards the ground and stick out the butt backwards while you lower the body and bend your knees. Keep caution that you do not disturb the posture. Exhale as you lower the weight closest to the ground without touching ground. And then get back to original position again. This is one rep. You must do this in 4 sets of 10 reps each.

9. Glute bridges with medicine ball

Place your feet on the medicine ball while you lie straight. Now push hips inward to roll the ball closer to body while you lift your hips. And then roll your heels outward to push ball at a distance while you lower your hips. This makes one rep. Try 10 reps.

butt workout

10. Keel Sky raise

Rest on floor with knees and elbows. Stretch out one leg while you flex the foot. Now make sure that the leg is straight out and not bent. Now lift the leg in air till it is in line with the body. Hold it there and slowly bring it down. In this way do 10 reps for each leg.


Posture is one of the most important things in exercising. And you have to be very particular while following the right posture to get the desired benefits. You would need a dumbbells and kettlebells for some exercises. As a beginner you must start with a weight which you are comfortable with. However you must keep it in mind that the weight is to challenge your muscles. And the sooner you adapt to picking more the better will be the challenge, and more toned will be the muscles.

You can also find more at :


Booty Pop – Pros and Cons

Booty Pop is a butt enhancement cream you can apply on your butt to increase its size. The cream is used in combination with exercises to speed up the growth of your butt. If you consider the volume of your butt too small, you can increase it through the application of the cream. If you don’t like surgical procedures designed to increase the size of your butt, then you can quickly enhance the size of your butt through the application of the cream. It has active ingredients such as green tea, macadamia oil; soy protein and vitamin which play a great role in helping you increase the size of your butt. There are several benefits as well as drawbacks you should consider before you start using the booty pop as your preferred butt enhancement cream.

ingredients of pop


Pros of Booty Pop

Easy to use

The cream does not require specialized knowledge for you to start applying it. Wash your butt clean and dry it before you apply the cream. Massage as you let the cream dissolve and dried before you wear your clothes. Booty pop does not leave a stain which can make your clothes dirty. It dissolves into your skin where it will make the skin stay firm and beautiful. Booty pop will as well work in increasing the volume of your butt which will make you feel happy.

Makes butt tight and solid

The increase in the size of your butt will make you have a firm and tight ass. The cream is used in combination with exercises which in effect lead to burning of excess fats from your butt as the cream makes your butt to make more muscles which increase in size and volume. The cream has the right ingredients which play a great role in helping you develop a firm and tight butt which will stand out. You can use it to make your butt stay beautiful naturally before a beauty competition. It is among the best creams you can use to stay attractive naturally.

Removes cellulite and dimples from butt

After increasing the size of your butt, you will be left with a problem to fight. The cellulite and dimples on your butt will make you less attractive. To get rid of the cellulite, you should look for ways of fighting them naturally. The cream has natural ingredients such as vitamin E which play a create role in replenishing the skin hence helping you in fighting the cellulite. The formula is very helpful in helping you eliminate cellulite naturally from your butt as you increase its size. The natural butt enhancer will make you develop a butt which many people will admire after you enter your bikini and head for the beach.

Increases volume of booty

The volume of your booty will never be the same again after you resort to using the cream. It has all it takes for your butt muscles to increase hence develop the right volume you need to stay attractive with the right size of booty. The increase in the volume of your butt due to the use of the cream is permanent. It allows your butt to absorb protein in the ingredients which in return lead to the formation of a permanently enhanced butt.

Tightens muscles and reshapes the butt

You need to increase the size of your but and make it tight. The cream has a combination of ingredients which provide the right proteins which increase the size of your butt as well as making your butt stay tight. If you like to have the right shape of butt, then you need to go for the cream. It enhances the size as well as the shape of your butt.

Makes the skin healthy and bumpy

The cream starts by replenishing the skin on your butt. After the skin is well formed, it helps in increasing the size of muscles and volume of your butt. It makes it easy for you to develop the best butt you deserve. The topical application of the cream is among the most effective methods which you can apply to increase the size of your butt naturally. It stimulates your butt to increase the size of muscles hence making you develop a bigger butt which you may have been searching for so long.

Image result for booty pop cream

Cons of Booty Pop

Sudden change in body temperature makes the butt stiff after application

Although the cream has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks you have to bear. For example, it will expose you to some form of pain if you will apply it and you are subjected to cold temperatures immediately. The sudden change in temperature can make your butt develop pain. Try to maintain the temperature after application so that you will avoid the pain which is associated with a sudden change in temperature upon application of the cream.

It works in combination with exercises

Applying the cream alone will not assure you quick results; you should apply it in combination with other exercises. If you are too busy in your daily schedule to an extent where it will be hard for you to spare time which you can engage in exercises, then it can be hard for you to achieve quick results through the application of the cream. Some people will not like to carry out exercises on a daily basis, if you are among them, then you will find the cream less effective.

Need proper care, in cool place

The cream should be kept well. Always ensure you follow the directions on how to store it or it will not serve you well. It should be stored under cool temperatures for it to serve its purposes well. Failure to handle the cream well can make it hard for you to achieve the desired results. It will take you some time before you can see great results from the application of the cream. If you need instant results, it may not offer you the best solution.

Used for people above 18 years

The cream is recommended for people above 18 years. If you are under age and you will like to enhance your butt, then it may lock you out. The cream can be applied easily. But, you need to read the instructions provided before you proceed and apply it in your struggle to develop a well-rounded butt.