The Best Exercise for Glutes and Your Booty

Exercising at the Gym to Increase Your Glutes

Tone Your Glutes With These Easy Exercises

Do you want to get naturally toned and shapelier glutes?

Toned legs and glutes add emphasis to a good body figure. You may have wanted to get a bigger and toner bum. You are not ready to shell out money for surgeries and enhancement creams, and going to them gym may prove to be a hassle for you.

If you want to have bigger and fuller glutes but are not ready to spend an arm and a leg, then check out this guide on the best exercise for glutes?

You don’t need to use gym equipment to get your bum toned. Here is a list of some of best exercises for your glutes at home or outdoors which can help you tone your legs and glute muscles.

1. Stair Climbing

Possibly the best glute exercise is to start making it a habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevators. Climb the stairs to work out your legs and glute muscles as you burn excess calories.

2. Uphill Running

Some consider running the best glute exercise. Uphill running targets the burning of calories in your hamstrings and glutes. Get a weekend outdoors exercising by uphill running.

3. Swimming

Swimming strengthens your legs as you pedal through the waters while burning off calories. Grab your bathing suit and get a leg strengthening workout as you enjoy the waters of the pool.

4. Lunges

Exercising to Increase Your GlutesOne of the best exercise for glutes that you can do anywhere is lunges. Do regular and back lunges for your hamstrings and gluteal muscles, and side lunges for inner and outer thighs.

5. Squats

Squats focus on working out the muscles in the frontal part of your thighs called the quadriceps. Your glutes and hamstring muscles act as a stabilizer to your quadriceps as you do squats for balanced and toned legs.

6. Standing Back Kicks

Back kick movements help work out your gluteal and hamstring muscles. To do this, stand on your foot, and kick the other foot in the back with a straight leg perpendicular to the floor. You can also bend your knee so your leg slopes in an upward direction.

7. Lying Leg Lifts

One of the bum exercises that you can do at home, too, is the lying leg lifts. To do this, lie on your back, and start lifting one leg upward and then put it down. Do this repeatedly until you feel the burn in your lower appendages. If it is your first time doing it and you find it difficult, you can also start by lifting one of your legs upward, putting it down as you lift the other leg. Do it with alternate legs in a number of repetitions.

8. Lying Leg Curl

Leg curl focuses on working your hamstring muscles. To do this, lie on your stomach, then slowly bend your knees to your butt. Put your feet slowly back to the ground, and do more repetitions. It would be more effective if you put a dumbell between your feet to add some weights.


Get toner, shapelier legs and glutes without having to go to the gym or spend big bucks for creams and surgery. With some discipline and sacrifice, you can have them toned in a natural and healthy way with the best glute exercise you can do at home or outdoor.

Booty Pop: Results for A Fuller Booty

Butt Enhancement Cream Used by Celebrities

A Big Butt Is the New Sexy

A big butt enhances the body figure of a woman. It gives more confidence and self-esteem being able to wear anything without getting conscious about whether your bottom looks flat.

Stop being conscious about it. Using butt enhancement creams can help improve the shape and the cellulite on your butt and thighs. If you want a thicker fuller bottom, check out Booty pop: results. This topical cream is used by some of the industries leading booty experts. We want to talk about some ways to make your butt look fuller with natural remedies and then discuss Booty pop: results.

Ways To Get Bigger Butt

1. Fashion

There fashionable apparel that makes your bum seemingly look bigger.
Pick up the right pants and skirts to make your booty pop. Boot cut or flared jeans give you an illusion of a bigger butt. For a more contemporary look, go for a cropped skinny capris and pair it with heels.

Wearing heels makes you naturally tilt your waist forward and give more emphasis on your bum. If you pair it with a bandage-style stretch skirt, the more it emphasizes shape to the butt.

Butt Enhancement Cream to Increase FullnessPadded pants can also help. These pants have removable butt pads that give more volume to your bum.

2. Exercise

Some women opt for the hard way, but it can be worth it to discipline yourself with exercising. Workouts can naturally help enhance your bum and make it appear fuller. Some of the workout programs include doing squats, deadlifts, lunges and leg raises. Research your program or get a gym coach to help you with the exercises that are especially for enhancing your butt.

3. Diet

Whether protein, fats, or carbohydrates, there are foods that help enhance your butt naturally. Protein rich foods that help include eggs, salmon, tuna, protein powder, steak, beans, soy nuts, to name a few.

Also, foods rich in carbohydrates help with the enhancement of your bum. These include but are not limited to brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, and low-sugar breakfast cereals. On the other hand, fish oils, virgin olive oil, and nuts are healthy fat sources that improve your butt. For vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and other dark green colored vegetables help.

So don’t forget to add these kinds of food into your daily diet plan.

4. Treatments

If you got the bucks to get the ideal butt instantly, then you can try surgical treatments to see the results in an instant.

In a body jet surgery, the beauty surgeon carries out a liposuction on your stomach, hips, and thighs, and the fats from these parts are injected to your butt.

You can also get silicone butt implants, where silicone are implanted beneath your butt muscles. Though these give you instant results, surgeries are pretty expensive and risky, since they may cause infections.

5. Butt Enhancement Creams

There are also butt enhancement creams in the market today. One of the most effective creams is Boot Pop. Booty pop: results include giving you a bigger and firmer butt. It is infused with green tea, soy protein, vitamin E, and macadamia seed oil which all contribute to having a naturally big and shapely bum. This will removeĀ the marks that are signs of aging andĀ at the same time making your butt muscles stay firm. It does this by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase the release of hormones responsible for giving volume to your butt.


With butt enhancement creams you can increase the volume of your butt. So stop your worries about having a small bum and use an enhancement cream. Decide which ways you can use to get your ideal bum.