10 Exercised to get Brazilian Butt

Brazilian women have great bodies, and one of the most noticeable toned body parts are their butts. The butt which is anothersteps to get better buttbody muscle is toned in Brazilian women really good, and hence gives them the shapely, healthy and attractive appearance. And now with the simple following of the 10 exercises explained below, you also can be the owner of a nice and toned butt. Flab free, gravity defying butt muscles can be attained when you practice the exercises every alternative day for the best results. Else you may also start light and do them twice a week keeping 2-3 days gap in between. Thus here are the 10 exercises to get Brazilian butt.

1. Donkey kicks

Kneel on the floor. Get on your hands and knees next. Now keeping the core tight you have to raise a leg backwards while you keep the other knee pressed on floor with the leg shaped 90 degrees with the floor. Now try to raise the raised leg as higher as possible. And then gradually lower it. Repeat it again. You need to do 12 reps for on leg. And then you have to switch legs and do another 12.

2. Adductor Squats

Stand with the feet wider than the hip. Straighten the back and hold a dumbbell in between the two legs with both hands. Now you need to squat, for squatting you have to lower the body weight, and get into an imaginary sitting position. Sit till you would have had if there was a chair, and then hold the position for a few seconds. Then get up. Go for 10 reps of this.

3. Glute Bridges

For this exercise you would need a kettle bell. You will have to lie down back straight. Then fold your knees while keeping feet flat on floor, and let the knees bent and get up on the air with support of feet. Now hold the kettle bell or weight on your pelvis with both hands. Now you have to raise the hip as far as possible on the air, and also let the shoulder get off from floor. During this your butt muscles would be squeezed and thrust on top. Now lower the body till the butt just stays above ground. And in this way you repeat it 12 times in a go.

4. Mountain Climber with kettlebell

You will have to get into the push up position first with the ketttlebell on either side. The kettlebell are here to hold the body support as you grip them with either hands. Now holding the hip in line with the body, try to bring one leg as close as possible to the chest. In the effort bend the knee and bring the toe close to that side’s hand. This is one rep. Now switch the legs and do another, and in this way do 10 reps for each leg.

5. Curtsy Lunge

Stand with feet wider than hips. Balance the weight in one foot. Now take a step back with the other foot in a cross the back of the stable foot. In this position your core must be tight, and the knees of both feet must be at 90 degrees. You may or may not use a weight with it. If you do, use a kettlebell for convenience. Do 10 reps of it which makes for 1 set for each foot. With time increase the sets to 4 sets.

6. Side lying leg kicks

Lie on the left side. And then, with the support of your left elbow, raise the body. You will be in a half lying position. Now raise the right leg till it’s up to the hip height. Now exhale and simultaneously kick the leg in front. And then inhale, and bring back the leg to original position. Repeat this with 10 reps for each side of the body.

7. Lunge and Press

Stand with feet wider than hips. Now get into a lunge position. For this extend a leg in front into a wide step. Hold the foot flat on the floor while the thigh is in 90 degrees to the body. But don’t incline forth to bring knee above the toe. Now with the same side hand, lift the weight or kettlebell above your head, and let the weight press on the body. Do this carefully as you exhale out while lifting the weight. Then inhale and bring down the weight up to the hip again. Repeat this with the other leg, and keep switching sides. Do 10 reps for each leg.

8. Sumo squat with kettlebell

Stand with feet as wide as possible. Now hold the kettlebell in between the feet with both hands. Keep the back straight and the core tight. The feet should be placed in 45 degrees to the body. Now lower the weight towards the ground and stick out the butt backwards while you lower the body and bend your knees. Keep caution that you do not disturb the posture. Exhale as you lower the weight closest to the ground without touching ground. And then get back to original position again. This is one rep. You must do this in 4 sets of 10 reps each.

9. Glute bridges with medicine ball

Place your feet on the medicine ball while you lie straight. Now push hips inward to roll the ball closer to body while you lift your hips. And then roll your heels outward to push ball at a distance while you lower your hips. This makes one rep. Try 10 reps.

butt workout

10. Keel Sky raise

Rest on floor with knees and elbows. Stretch out one leg while you flex the foot. Now make sure that the leg is straight out and not bent. Now lift the leg in air till it is in line with the body. Hold it there and slowly bring it down. In this way do 10 reps for each leg.


Posture is one of the most important things in exercising. And you have to be very particular while following the right posture to get the desired benefits. You would need a dumbbells and kettlebells for some exercises. As a beginner you must start with a weight which you are comfortable with. However you must keep it in mind that the weight is to challenge your muscles. And the sooner you adapt to picking more the better will be the challenge, and more toned will be the muscles.

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