Booty Pop Review – Does it work?

What is booty pop ?

booty pop cream Booty pop is a topical application light cream which helps you increase the size of your butt. The application process involves simple massage on your butt. It has active ingredients which seep into the skin and make the muscles soft and increase in volume. It is a natural method you can use to enhance the size of your butt. Several people have tried the cream, and it works for them. You will not have to fear side effects because it has all natural ingredients which work naturally in improving the condition of your butt skin as well as increasing the size of muscles on your butt. It even helps in getting rid of cellulite and irregularities on your butt.

How does booty pop supplement work?

The cream is applied via a massage on the butt. Wash the butt clean and dry it by wiping off any water.booty pop resultsThe cream is theapplied on the butt followed by massages on a circular manner. The cream is rubbed till it seeps into the skin. It does not leave any sticky substances or stains which can make your underwear dirty. It seeps into the skin leaving your butt spotless. Application of the cream for about a month will make your butt surface improve in appearance as well as the overall size of your butt.

Ingredients used in making booty cream

Green Tea

Green tea has high amounts of antioxidants. They are very active in the fight against aging signs on the skin as well as below the skin. The presence of green tea in the formula makes it possible for you to eliminate signs of aging from your butt and make it attractive.

Soy Protein

The protein is helpful in making the muscles stay firm. If you have a butt which is not very firm, you can firm it up through the application of the cream. The soy protein used in making it is effective in making the butt muscles firm because they seep into the skin from where they make you achieve the effects of firm muscles just like the way soy protein can act if eaten in foods.

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Macadamia Seed Oil

The oil is effective in stimulating the pituitary glands to raise hormonal levels which boost the volume of the butt. The manufacturers of the cream claim the oil is effective in helping you increase the size of butt naturally.

Vitamin E

It is available in many skincare products. The presence of vitamin E in booty cream makes it active in replenishing collagen hence making the skin firm. It plays a great role in preventing wrinkles and cellulite from your butt. For those looking for beach body, the cream eliminates butt wrinkles and cellulite making them attractive.

Benefits of applying booty pop cream


work out stepsEasy to use and makes muscles relaxed

There are many advantages of using the cream to increase the size of your butt. Among the benefits, you will enjoy after you decide to use the cream is making your ass stay relaxed and firm. Unlike other methods of making your booty firm such as surgery, the cream works in a natural way to make your butt muscles increase in size. The skin on your butt will be left without blemishes. You need to follow all the details on how to apply the cream if you like to be assured of quality results.

Makes butt tight and solid

The most beautiful ass should be tight and solid. The cream has necessary ingredients which play a great role in making your butt stay firm and solid. It is an effective cream which can be used to make your butt stay firm at all times. The firm and sold butt achieve a great shape which most women like to have. It helps you make a butt just like the one famous celebrities show in bikinis.

Removes cellulite and dimples from butt

Cellulite and dimples on your butt can make you restless, but the application of the cream makes things very easy for you. It has
necessary ingredients such as macadamia oil which is very effective in helping you increase the size of your butt while getting rid of wrinkles and cellulite. It is cost effective in getting rid of cellulite. Most people who had cellulite report significant results upon trying the cream.

Increases volume of booty

To increase the size of your butt, you need to increase its volume. The cream allows your butt to grow while getting ridofblemishes such as cellulite which come as side effects of the growth of your butt. The replenishing ingredients available in the formula works in making your skin smooth hence eliminate the formation of cellulite as you increase the volume. It will only take less than a month of proper use, and the results will be clearly seen.

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Reshapes the skin of the hips

Apart from reshaping your butt, the cream is effective in reshaping even areas around the butt such as hips. With the cream,you will achieve a well-rounded butt and hip area. The cream has been formulated after careful consideration of different factors to make it the right formula you can apply so that you will be assured of the best butt ever. It helps in shaping your butt without fear of complications related to surgery. The cream helps in increasing the size of your butt to an extent where it will be proportional to the rest of your body.

Makes the skin healthy

All the ingredients used in making the cream are all natural. They all play a role in making your skin healthy. You will have clean butt skin upon application of the cream. Many people who will like to use the best approaches to get rid of poorly formed ass resort to the cream. The cost of applying the cream is very minimal when compared to other methods of correcting your butt such as surgery. You will just use the cream while at home and enjoy remarkable increase on your butt. It is unlike hiring a professional who will work on your butt and pay him huge amounts of money.

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Pros and cons of Booty Pop cream


Main pros of Booty Pop cream include:

It is easy to use and relaxes your muscles while massaging it

It can effectively overcome wrinkles from various parts of your body including hips, thighs and butts

It tones up your butts in natural manner by increasing their volume

It considerably reduces the appearance of cellulites and dimples on your butts

Your hips look tighter and fuller than ever by using this cream

It also helps in reducing stretch marks significantly by improving the volume in your entire body

Thus you can rely on Booty Pop cream to make your body more attractive and sexy by removing ugly looking cellulites, stretch marks and wrinkles.


Main cons of this cream include

The obese people may not find this cream effective

In order to get the best results you will have to modify your diet and do exercises as this cream does not work alone to give results desired by you.

How to buy Booty Pop cream?

It is very easy to buy Booty Pop cream by going through some simple steps given here under.

You can order for this cream just by visiting the website of the company producing it.

While placing your order you should not forget to read the terms and conditions to avoid any conflicting situation later on. The policy of the company may have certain things that may not be suitable for you. So you should know them beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

The company offers this cream in different packages at different discounted prices. You can save more money by placing order for its larger packages as per unit cost reduce and amount of discount increases with the increase in the amount of cream in the package. So, by ordering for bigger packages you can get bigger butts along with enjoying huge discounts.

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What is the working mechanism of booty pop? 

There are several powerful ingredients that go into formulating the booty pop and it is primarily because of these ingredients that the structure and the appearance of your butt is consistently improved. The manufacturers further claim that it is the potency of these herbal ingredients and rare extracts that significantly enhance your butt in just fourteen days. Some of the powerful ingredients that go into making the booty pop are green tea, oil from the macadamia seeds, extracts of vitamin, rare extracts of herbs and soy protein. It is from a perfect balance and great combination of these herbal extracts that they develop a serum which is as potent and incredibly beneficial to enhance your booty in just two weeks. The product does not claim that you can enhance your butts by simply rubbing green tea on them. Neither does it claim to give you a kind of butt that would indicate that you have heavily exercising for several years. All it claims is to provide you an added edge to your butt. Furthermore, it also boosts the ability of your skin and keeps it healthy and hydrated all way round. In the following section, we will give you a complete insight on the active ingredients of this serum.

Green tea– Used in formulating the serum, green tea is loaded with great amounts of antioxidants that further play a major role in fighting the signs of aging.

Soy protein– The soy protein that goes into making the serum ensures that your muscles are well boosted and really firm. This further tones your butt and keeps it strong and perky.

Oil from the macadamia seed- The oil from macadamia seeds which is another active ingredient of booty pop is said to stimulate your pituitary glands. This, on the other hand, raises the level of hormones which also plays a vital role in boosting the overall volume of your butt.

Vitamin E- This is one of the most commonly found antixodants which is present in almost every skin care product and moisturizer. Booty pop top contains Vitamin E, and the makers claim that the perfect combination of vitamin E and other ingredients completely replenishes the collagens while firming up your skin. This also reduces the unnecessary cellulite and wrinkles.

Final verdict

Well, considering the working mechanism and the completely natural ingredients, the serum is definitely worth a shot. Use it for perkier, wrinkle free and complete flawless butts all year round.